Colonel Light Gardens is committed to providing a range of extra curriculum activities to engage and support students at lunchtime and afterschool. Clubs enable students to connect with students with similar interests and to try something new.

Clubs are offered mainly during lunch time and are provided on a volunteer bases by staff and volunteers at the school. Such as:

  • Robotics
  • Scrapbooking
  • Eco Club
  • Mindfulness
  • Dance

Students are expected to follow our school values when participating. Students meet the leader of the club in the designated area. Lunchtime clubs go from 1:10-1:40pm and allow students to have a break at the end before going back to class.

(Please note that the clubs offered year to year may change.)

Club Name Information
Computer Club

Computer club offers different focus every term.

Led by Belle Taylor, teacher

  • Monday lunchtime
  • Students from Year 3-7
  • Held in the computer room
Rock Band
will start in term 2

Rock Band is a group of students with a passion for rock music to learn how to play as a band.

Led by Shane Pluck, teacher

  • Tuesday lunchtime
  • Interested students
  • Held in the music room
CLG Dance

Dance gives students the opportunity to learn new dance routines and how to work as a team.

Led by Michelle from Michelle’s School of Dance

  • Monday lunchtime
  • Auditions to be held for selection
  • Students from Upper primary
  • Held in the music room

Scrapbooking lead by Kirsty Sideris, teacher.

  • Wednesday lunchtime
  • Students from Year 3-7
  • Held in the foyer of upper Mortlock
Sister Circle

A wellbeing and mindfulness focus.

Lead by Michelle Bawden, Health teacher

  • Friday lunchtime
  • Girls from Year 4-7
  • Held in room 4, Grange
Eco Club

Environmental club designed to give students the opportunity to care for the school grounds and learn about sustainability.

Led by Kirsten Jones, teacher

  • Thursday lunchtime
  • Any interested students from Year 4-7
  • Meet at the big tree

Giving students the opportunity to sing as a choir.

Led by Marian Woodlands, Music teacher

Junior choir

  • Friday lunchtime
  • Students from Reception – Year 2
  • Held in the music room

Boys Choir

  • Wednesday lunchtime
  • Boys from Year 3-7
  • Held in the music room

Girls Choir

  • Thursday lunchtime
  • Girls from Year 3-7
  • Held in the music room

Robotics Club

Term 2 and 3

Robotics club focuses on the robots Lego Mindstorms, EV3. Students learn how to program the robots and prepare an entry into the Robocup Junior competition, which takes place in August.

Led by Ling Tan, a parent volunteer

  • Thursday after school 3:15-4:30pm
  • Students from Year 5-7
  • Held in the Grange building