At Colonel Light Gardens Primary School, students who are identified as needing extra help and support, access this support through a wide range of programmes.

These programs include:

  • The Gillon Phonological Awareness Training Programme – an intensive programme accessed by Reception children who need extra support in this literacy skill.
  • Early Intervention is a structured programme that offers support to Year 1 students who may be struggling with reading and other literacy skills
  • Learning Difficulties groups, generally for years 2-6, are arranged in consultation between class teacher and specialist teacher. The groups may be across class and year levels, depending on the needs of the students.
  • Special Education/Learning Support individual or group times are organised depending on the needs of the students who have been assessed as having learning disabilities. These students usually have a specific programme as part of their Learning Plan.
  • Learning Assistance Programme places a visiting adult with a student who has been identified as someone who would benefit from the close relationship and social support of another person

Classroom teachers cater to the individual needs of gifted students within the class teaching and learning program.

At times, identified groups of students across the school may be extended in co-curricular activities to enrich their learning experiences. There are many extra-curricular opportunities for all students to pursue their areas of expertise and passions.

Australia is a culturally diverse nation and the key to the success of Australian multiculturalism is inclusiveness. The South Australian Education Department provides an English as a Second Language program to schools when there is a gap between the students language level required for success at each year level of schooling.

The EALD program in schools supports intensive English language sessions for students with a language other than English. It aims to maximize student participation in all areas of the curriculum as well as building their knowledge, skills and understanding of their world.

At Colonel Light Gardens Primary School, the EALD teacher works flexibly and collaboratively within the school to maximize student learning and wellbeing.

Therefore support is provided:

  • in the student’s classroom
  • in small group settings
  • intensive one to one support

This improves student’s participation, confidence, English language skills and provides better outcomes for them in the future.

At Colonel Light Gardens Primary School we currently have more than one hundred and forty identified EALD students from more than thirty different countries.