Learning Japanese at Colonel Light Gardens Primary School is both a language learning and cultural experience. Students learn Japanese and about Japan through a variety of activities such as:

  • Songs
  • Games
  • Interactive Whiteboard activities
  • Speaking activities (individual and group)
  • Listening activities
  • Written work in the scripts of Hiragana, Romaji and basic Kanji
  • Exploring Japanese culture i.e. real objects, photos, DVDs, CDs and Internet.

Each year level grouping has a focus topic for each term as well as regular focus activities on the script of Hiragana. (Hiragana is 1 of the 3 alphabets used in Japanese and has 46 characters)

Some basic Japanese vocabulary for home:

Japanese English
Konnichiwa Hello
Sayonara Goodbye
Arigatou Thank you
Sensei Teacher
Ogenki desuka? How are you?
Hai, genki desu I’m well.
Nan sai desuka? How old are you?
Watashi wa …desu. (girls) My name is…
Boku wa …desu. (boys) My name is…

Arigatou! 🙂

The Performing Arts area in Rooms 6 and 7 is where all classes have lessons in Drama, Music and Dance. We have a big space where we can move, dance and work in groups. We have a piano, a drum kit, an interactive white board and a whole host of percussion instruments.

All students in Year 6/7 have the opportunity to be in our Festival choir to learn the repertoire of songs for the Primary School’s Festival of Music concert series. This event is held in September at the Festival Theatre. Our students perform on one of these nights and join hundreds of students and an orchestra to present an outstanding evening of entertainment.

Girls in Year 4 and 5 have their own singing group and as well as singing at assemblies and mini concerts, they have performed to groups within the community. They have a wide repertoire of songs and are a very enthusiastic group of talented singers!

The Boys from CLG are well known in the community for their enthusiasm and their hot pink polo shirts! Boys from Years 4-7 can join this lunch time group and their repertoire of songs, both past and present are especially suited to their funky sound and presence!

Our Junior Singers are in Years 2 and 3 and they are always a big hit with parents and community groups because of their obvious love of performing. In the past few years they have performed at Carols by the Creek and local retirement villages and senior citizens groups.

Every two years, the students at CLG present an evening at the Adelaide Town Hall ….. Lighting Up The Arts. Students from Year 3-7 present a fantastic 90 minute concert of song and dance. It is an opportunity for all classes, singing groups, the rock band, percussion ensembles and outstanding soloists to showcase their talent.

In alternate years, students in Reception, Year 1 and 2, present a musical for Grandparents and others at our Special Persons Day. Their wonderful singing and acting always delights our invited guests.

Lighting up the Arts at the Adelaide Town Hall

Coming soon.

At Colonel Light Gardens Primary School we believe that young people who are physically active and readily challenged in an enjoyable and safe sporting environment perform better academically. A Physical Education (PE) Specialist teacher conducts skill sessions with each class, each week. The sessions cater for the full range of abilities and are designed to be inclusive and have all students experience their own personal development. This is achieved through participation in team games and sports; students learning skills to deal with success and failure and to develop the ability to interact within various social environments.

Students will participate in a wide range of activities including athletics, basketball, orienteering, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, hockey, cricket, netball, tennis, swimming, T-ball, softball and the list is constantly changing and adapting to allow the students to test and develop their skills in as many areas as possible.

In the Junior Primary years, the practical component of PE emphasis basic sports skills, physical fitness and teamwork. It also focuses on the development of personal awareness, communication, interpersonal relationships and physically active lifestyles.

Participation in SAPSASA carnivals and competitions is encouraged and often recommended to students who show natural ability in any sport SAPSASA offers.