The Governing Council of Colonel Light Gardens Primary School is responsible, with the Principal, for the general oversight of the functioning, governance and resourcing of the school.

The Governing Council meets twice a term in Weeks 3 and 8.

Representatives from the School Leadership team and another staff representative also attending all meetings.

One of the key roles of the Governing Council is to provide the school community with a forum for the discussion of issues affecting the school. If you would like to bring anything to the attention of the Governing Council or get involved with any of its activities, please feel free to email the Governing Council Chairperson at or the Governing Council Secretary at

Kind regards
Governing Council (Chairperson)

The 2024 Governing Council comprises of

Chair Lauren Knight
Deputy Chair Lynette Day
Secretary Michael Mauch
Treasurer Jodi Facy
Staff Representatives Liz Pelling
Penny Rowe
Emma Bishop
Rachel Palmer
Other Members Sarah Andrews
Nikki Edmondson
Christopher Kee
Rachel McQueen
Kate Rutschack
Stephen Shirley
Zoe Smitheram
Monique Vickery