We are an involved school community, working in partnership to develop expert learners and maximise the learning outcomes for all students in their social, intellectual and physical development, for a productive and fulfilling future.


‘Colonel Light Gardens Primary School: Caring, Learning, Growing in partnership to succeed – Creating our Future’. Our core business is to plan and facilitate teaching and learning in a supportive environment, rich in experiences and catering for a diverse range of abilities and backgrounds.


Our school vales are:

At Colonel Light Gardens Primary School we work in partnership to develop a community of Expert Learners who are:

We manage time effectively, efficiently access appropriate resources and plan for our own learning.
This means we will be prepared, on task and on time with our learning.

We understand and articulate the purpose of our learning and how it applies to our lives.
This means we think about our learning and can explain it to ourselves and others.

We accept challenges, aiming to do our best. We use strategies and resources to persist when things do not go as planned.
This means we either bounce back or move on and we keep trying to be successful, no matter what happens.

We use effective communication skills to support and articulate learning and to build positive relationships.
This means we respectfully listen to others and can make ourselves understood using many ways to express ourselves.

We are actively responsible for our learning and our learning environment. We demonstrate initiative and make appropriate decisions.
This means we try to do things by ourselves and we respect the rights of others to learn.

Active Thinkers
We show initiative in applying thinking and questioning skills critically and creatively to approach complex problems. We are innovative and make reasoned decisions.
This means we ask questions and use different ways to make decisions or find answers.

Team Workers
We include others and are respectful of their contributions. We cooperate and contribute ideas and effort to work towards a common goal.
This means we can work well with others to achieve our goals.

Risk Takers
We have the courage to participate in all learning activities. We are prepared to make mistakes and understand that mistakes are part of a successful learning journey.
This means we are not afraid to have a go. We know mistakes are a part of learning.

Open Minded
Through an understanding and appreciation of our own culture, we are open to the perspectives, values and traditions of other individuals and cultures and are accustomed to seeking and considering a range of points of view.
This means we respect the views of everyone and we are willing to learn from each other’s experiences.